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unorthodox choices and mercury in retrograde.

my beloved girlfriend informed me that mercury is no longer in retrograde.



maybe that’s why my skin’s been itchy and dry and completely out of whack which i accredited to ingesting an overabundance of carbs, or maybe, that’s why there’s been a general sense of mis-communication between myself and various parties in recent months.

there’s been a number of noticeable reorgs since January…a profusion of distractions and definitely a handful of piffling scrimmages that conclude in a general undeniable sense of melee that’s kept me a bit more on the lazier side.  you would figure that the effect would have kept me on my toes instead, however, i’ve found myself bearing quite an insouciant attitude as i ride this wave.

a good wave at that.

i’m pleased with the unorthodox choices that i have made in recent months and quite frankly, those idiosyncratic decisions have matured into story-lines that have made me as happy as a clam.  whilst life’s changes have often encouraged me to embrace self-doubt and apprehension, this chapter is no different.  it’s reminded of my vulnerabilities, my imperfections and foibles, the power of my mind and its ability to run amuck when anxious, only to have this all be steeped together in a jolly marinade tempered with consciousness and mindfulness.

it hasn’t been easy and certain affairs challenge me to my very core, however, i’m loving this.  whoever said that personal growth kicks into high gear when in the midst of great challenge is certainly right on the money.  our only job is to be present, be aware, stay conscious and embrace it.

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