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Ask: What is Yoga?


Inspiration: My Husband

I woke up this morning, feeling terribly sheepish of the way I behaved during our “fight” yesterday. It took me a long time to finally even accept that “fights” were normal in a relationship and a necessary evil to wake up, to push the reset button, to grow, evolve, learn, love, breakthrough and keep moving. I used to think that these “fights” were preludes, signs if you will, of inevitable relationship disintegration, but I stand corrected. Fight dirty, and it may well be. Fight fair and you may have the golden ticket to your one true love story.

Truth be told, I don’t always fight fair. It is however, in the moments where my ego takes over that I’m grateful to this wonderful man who I proudly call my husband. If it weren’t for him, I’d be regressing and becoming a less-than version of me. That wouldn’t be fun.

I am grateful every single day that he IS the person in my life who keeps me in check and who weathers my blows without condemning me and instead sheds light on what I need to work on. He shines a mirror to my face every single day and while my ego cringes when he does, my soul appreciates it from the depths of my heart. It’s what people who care about each other should be doing for each other and I wouldn’t be where I am today without that damn mirror and the goodness of the man holding it.

My husband inspires me to be more, and he holds me accountable for when I fall short. He leads by example both in his personal and professional life and is quite frankly, the best man I know. You can imagine how grateful I feel to have this anchor, this solid, awesome hunk of a human being standing by my side each and every day.

So today, give a little thanks. Or a lot of thanks to those in your life doing the dirty deed of shining brightness to your “areas of opportunity”. It certainly isn’t an easy task for anyone especially if you have a roaring ego like mine that gets blinded sometimes by its own grandiose sense of self. The good thing is, I’m getting better and better at pushing my ego into the backseat and shushing it with sincere humility.

A swift little reminder for when you find yourself in your own tiff…

“We don’t see things the way they are. We see them the way WE are.” ~ Talmud


Fun: Crayola


My Inspire Series called for these goodies that arrived in the mail today. Who knew Crayola could be so much fun?!

Daily inspiration will be written/drawn/doodled throughout the house on windows/glass/mirrors in an effort to keep inspiration eye level and accessible.

Little daily reminders, big changes.

Change the state of your mind, change your Life.

Inspiration: Found in a book

Waking up, I take a moment to grab one of the current books I am reading from my nightstand and pour over a few pages. I do this so my day begins on a positive note with positive, inspiring words of wisdom. It sets the tone of my day and helps me get focused in the right direction. By right direction I mean, GRATITUDE.

It’s easy to be grateful when you have a house over your head, food in the fridge and whatever you need at your fingertips. I couldn’t even begin to imagine another way of living…I’m so grateful for my life, and perhaps even more grateful for the people in it.

May you be rooted in joy today,
My graciousness ooze out of your pores,
May you feel loved and inspired and shine bright. Truly shine.


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