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Events, Workshops & Retreats

Saturday, June 23rd 9am to 10am – FREE yoga with Grace @ Lululemon in Santa Monica!

2103 Workshops

Saturday, April 13th

“Divin’ Deep” Yoga Principles Workshop

1pm to 4pm


Email: to register.  Space is limited.

Saturday, June 29th

“Breaking Down the Vinyasa”

1pm to 3:30pm


Early bird: $30 before June 17th, $40 after

To sign up, call (310) 396-4040 or register here. Space is limited.

About Grace’s “Breakin’ Down the Vinyasa” Workshop

The pace of our everyday Vinyasa yoga class doesn’t often allow for us to really get into the nitty gritty of the vinyasa sequence. Join Grace for this two and a half hour workshop in which we will zero in on the breath, asana (posture), and transitions that will help your practice flow with more grace, intelligence, safety, and ease.

This workshop is suitable for both beginners and seasoned practitioners looking to deepen and refine their understanding of the elements of the vinyasa sequence.

In this workshop, we will explore all the questions you have about the “Vinyasa” in the yoga practice in a safe and nurturing environment.

  • Roots – Where did Vinyasa come from and what exactly is it?
  • Sanskrit terms for a Vinyasa yoga class so you can walk into any Vinyasa class and dive right in
  • BREATH is the foundation of a Vinyasa practice.  We will dive into Ujayii breathing and learn methods to sustain our breath as we move as well as learn a few Pranayama (breathing) techniques
  • Journey through a step by step breakdown of postures that make up the Vinyasa sequence
  • Alignment for YOUR body
  • Exploration of proper injury prevention to create a safe and healthy yoga practice!
  • Practice!  We will navigate our way through our very own Vinyasa practice!

Finally, we will put it all together in a fun, challenging Vinyasa flow that will allow you to integrate and solidify what you have learned into your everyday practice. You will leave with a solid foundation that will enable you to hop into any future vinyasa yoga classes you’d like


About Grace’s “Divin’ Deep” Workshop

Grace’s Divin’ deep workshop is suitable for beginners and for all of us who would like to (re)learn and refine the essentials of the practice!

This workshop will focus on the foundations of our yoga practice:

~ Pranayama – Finding your breath

~ Asana practice – 108 minutes of learning how to find the best poses for your own body, in

each stage of your life.

~ Alignment – Proper alignment is essential in developing a safe and long-term practice. We

will look more in depth at the most commonly practiced postures and learn how to make the

poses work for your own body.

~ Discussion – open forum!

We’ll explore how to work with our breath in Sun Salutations, create strength in standing poses, and develop greater flexibility in simple twists, forward bends, and backbends — without tension, struggle or pain. With the understanding that there is no “perfect” pose, we will explore how to fit the postures into our bodies, instead of the other way around.  We will also explore yoga’s intangibles and how this practice can help us stay calm, centered and balanced in our daily lives.

Throughout this workshop, we will learn in a nurturing and safe environment, how to motivate ourselves to find our own satisfying, personal and ever-evolving practice.


Group sessions and special events

Semi-privates or smaller group sessions available for couples, groups and families.  Corporate yoga classes also available.  Please email Grace if you are interested in bringing yoga instruction to wherever you are.  Group sessions and longer sessions may be arranged on an individual basis.

Special Workshops

Grace is a traveling yogini.  Please email Grace if you would like to schedule workshop trainings with her at your studio.  Grace specializes in Yoga Foundations Workshops where she dives in and breaks down the most practiced postures in today’s vinyasa based classes with plenty of hands on adjustment training for experienced practitioners, teacher trainees, and current teachers.  Workshops draw on detailed alignment from SmartFlow principles with Annie Carpenter and deep influences from Maty Ezraty.

~ The Inspire Yoga Series

~ Divin’ Deep Yoga Principles Workshop

Email if you are interested in bringing this workshop to your studio.

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